Choosing the right crystal to rock your world: 

Stone Energy

Many of us were once skeptical about gemstones and crystals, but we have always been intrigued by them and how they work. Since I have learned everything there is to know about gemstones and crystals, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

The following two questions have always intrigued me about crystals:

1) How does stone energy work?

2) How does one choose a crystal?

After reading the article, you will get your answers if you have the same questions.

Is stone energy a natural phenomenon?

The energy emitted by stones is known as stone energy, also known as crystal energy. That's pretty clear.

But what it means isn't as straightforward. The concept sounds like some New Age hocus-pocus to sceptics. And even for crystal lovers, it's usually a question that lingers in the back of their minds.

To understand stone energy, we can examine people as an example. Wouldn't you agree that every person gives off energy in their way?

Our experiences, personalities, and DNA make us who we are, and who we are has specific energy to it. You can tell this because certain people walk into a room, and you are immediately drawn to their energy while others repel you.

The same is true for healing stones. These stones are formed by their life experiences. 

Everything in the universe is composed of energy.

In the simplest terms, all living things, including plants, objects, and words and thoughts, vibrate. In some crystals, the frequency is high, while in others, the frequency is low. Both are fine, just different. Based on the frequency of their vibration, they influence us...and this is their stone energy.

How Gemstones resonate with human energy.



"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

-Albert Einstein

Sokogems created the concept that when a crystal is in your energy field, your electrical impulses interact with the crystal very similarly. 


It's also important to note that computer chips and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens are also made of silicon, the same element as quartz crystals. These things are made from the same element found in such a powerful stone!


How Stone Energy impacts and helps us to create a positive vibration in our bodies


Certain crystal vibrations resonate with specific energies in our bodies, and when that harmonizing stone energy is in our energy field, it strengthens the energies within us.

There are seven chakras in each of our bodies, each vibrating at a different frequency. Poor lifestyle choices, pollution, stress, and other factors can disrupt our chakras. Energy stones can help restore our chakras to balance.

Using resonance for health is not a new concept, as vibrations have been used in sound healing for centuries to heal the body.

The colours correspond to the chakras. Influences health in various ways. We will be affected by stone energy. Colours are just vibrations that create frequencies. Different coloured crystals have different densities, creating unique energy signatures.

When it comes down to it, everything is energy, so that that stone energy can help with everything related to energy.

 Here are a few examples of what we mean:

  • Certain crystals can reduce stress
  • Others can help clear energy blockages that were leading to pain and tension.
  • Our bodies get more energy from crystals when our energy flows more freely through them.
  • Certain types of energy can also be felt more readily with crystals, such as happiness and serenity.


Those stones that are bigger have higher energy and can radiate a farther distance. 

The crystal beads emit personal energy that extends about a foot around us.

 A tumbled stone's energy can extend about two to four feet, while the energy from a crystal about three inches in diameter can penetrate an entire room. 

You can imagine how powerful the Amethyst Geode's energy is!

The Impact of Stone Energy on Personal Growth

Energy from stones can enhance the positive energy already present within us. A crystal is a tool for personal growth because it helps us make changes, gives us the strength to make them, and uplifts us.


Choosing the Right Crystal for You


Crystals are believed by many to find us. It is widespread for someone to choose a crystal based on the way it looks, only to realize that that stone has the exact healing properties needed in that person's life.

The Sokogems website encourages you to think of crystals as consciousnesses because each crystal will serve as a companion for you.

It doesn't matter how you select a crystal, as long as it's quality. 

Select a crystal that corresponds to a chakra you wish to open or balance


A crystal is a beautiful tool for balancing your chakras. Each stone emits a different frequency which resonates with a specific chakra. If you have symptoms that indicate a particular chakra is out of balance, you can choose a crystal that will heal that chakra imbalance. 

Choose a crystal based on the positive things it will bring you.


Healing stones can also be fun to choose from based on their ability to impact your life positively. We will display crystals that assist with certain intentions e.g. Happiness, Love, Motivation, Protection etc..

For your convenience, here is a simple chart…

The One Word Solution to Choosing a Crystal


Ambition - Citrine 

Awareness - Lapis Lazuli

Balance - Calcite 

Calming - Amethyst 

Cleansing – Clear Quartz 

Communication – Lapis Lazuli 

Compromise - Onyx 

Confidence – Citrine 

Courage – Tiger Eye 

Creativity – CarnelianApatite - Tourmaline 

Emotional Healing – Rutilated Quartz 

Empowerment – CarnelianAmethyst – Quartz - Citrine

Endurance – Red Jasper 

Enlightenment - Azurite 

Good Luck - Aventurine

Happiness – Citrine

 Harmony - Sodalite 

Hope – Leopardskin Jasper

Intuition – Amethyst – Lapis Lazuli - Moonstone

Kundalini Activation - Serpentine 

Love – Rose Quartz 

Magical - Labradorite 

Magnetism – Citrine

Manifestation – Iron PyriteCitrine - Amethyst 

Motivation - Carnelian 

Order – Lapis Lazuli

Peace – Black Tourmaline- Blue Lace Agate - Selenite 

Perseverance – FluoriteTiger Eye 

Power – Smoky Quartz - Chrysocolla 

Protection – Black Tourmaline 

Stability - Hematite 

Steadfast – Clear Quartz 

Strength – Black Onyx 

Survival – Red Garnet

Transformation – AmethystMoss Agate 

Truth – Lapis Lazuli

Unification - Aventurine 

Vitality – Red Garnet 

Wholeness - Aventurine

Wisdom - Chevron Amethyst – Lapis Lazuli

Choose a crystal based on the symptoms you wish to improve.

 When searching for healing stones, it is often advantageous to find ones also known for improving specific symptoms.

In some cases, you can use the search bar on our site to search based on symptoms, while most of our product descriptions show how each stone can improve your life.

If you type in stress, migraines, bullying, or even a part of the body like the stomach, you can find crystals that will help you with those things.


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