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A Psychic Attack — Symptoms and Treatment

psychic attack

Managing psychic attacks and guarding yourself is important, as people tend to lose their clarity during this passage because negative energy bombards them from all sides.

Our goal is not to scare you, so stay on this blog until you understand what psychic attacks are----

You may not realize it, but fatigue and lack of energy are also signs of a psychic attack? 

Fatigue and tiredness are prevalent in this day and age, and often they don't have a clear cause. As per Healthline, the causes of fatigue can be found in the lifestyle we choose or in underlying mental or physical conditions.

See if you might be a victim…

Do you know what Psychic Attack is?

The purpose of a psychic or spiritual attack is to energetically bind and to block someone from reaching their bliss. A psychic or spiritual attack is performed by using both thought and energy.

As energy transcends space and can be sent anywhere, a similar attack is possible via the energetic exchange.

It is usually sent from a low-vibration source and lowers our vibration.

It is possible for these attacks to take different forms, to have different intensities and to last a different amount of time, and they can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Conscious attacks
  2. Subconscious attacks 

Conscious Attacks

The goal of conscious spiritual attacks is to harm someone using magical rituals, curses, and spells. Intentionally writing, verbalizing, or wishing negative things toward someone or sending them “negative wishes” falls into this category as well.

The purpose of conscious attacks is to send negative energy to the victim. By causing harm, creating an obstacle, or blocking the flow of positive energy, the attacker is seeking to cause harm.

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Subconscious Attacks

Attacks that are subconscious are probably even more common than those that are intended. As we unintentionally send strong energy in someone's way, we unknowingly influence their energetic state.

Obsessions or jealousy can lead to unconscious spiritual attacks, and they can even be directed towards people we care about or are passionately in love with. We do not intend to harm someone in this case, but send an overwhelming amount of negative energy their way regardless.

Even the strongest feelings are merely feelings, and every thought contains energy, which can be misused. As a result, the attacker might be bound up in their fears and low energy, afraid of losing or being left behind, etc.

Symptoms of a psychic attack -

  • This type of attack can affect a victim in many ways. 
  • Changes in energy as well as physical and mental symptoms without a known cause are included.
  • If you suspect that you are under such an attack, look out for these symptoms.

Negative Thoughts Coming Out of Nowhere

  • It is possible that you are being attacked by the spirit if you suddenly think dark thoughts, especially if you were previously in a positive mood. Every person is sensitive to the energy around them, and we are likely to pick up on any negative energy that is sent our way.


  • During a panic attack, you can quickly pass from being optimistic to hopeless, from relaxed to anxious, and from content to tearful. There is a possibility that, when we can't indicate a specific cause for such a change in mood or perception, we are simply receiving a low vibration emitted by someone else.


Feeling gloomy or tearful without a specific reason, feeling like life has lost meaning, and feeling as if all happiness is suddenly gone — these can all be signs of a psychic attack.

Fears & Phobias 

It is often the case that when we are exposed to bad energy, we develop specific fears and phobias. When energy interferes with our psyche or penetrates our unconscious, it can produce disturbances that can resurface as fears.

Even when we've been stable and working towards healing, these attacks can trigger very old fears or just make us more fearful in general. Mild anxiety can range from unexplained or weird phobias to panic attacks. 

Feeling Completely Drained 

Our energy levels are affected by spiritual attacks, which temporarily weaken us. A parasite, bad energy can drain us of our positive vibrations and vitality just as they feed off our positive energy.

We experience this type of fatigue without knowing why it occurs and it has nothing to do with our level of activity. We are more likely to feel the negative effects of negative energy for a longer period of time.

Sudden Headaches

Our bodies feel the effects of an energetic, spiritual attack as well as our souls. It is common to experience tension and pressure in the area where the third eye chakra and crown chakra are located.

Psychic energy is no different. Our bodies register changes in frequency. We can become so overwhelmed by the pain and pressure that our focus, concentration, and memory are affected. In addition to coming and going unexpectedly, migraines caused by an attack are challenging to treat with medication, since they aren't linked to an underlying illness.


Psychological attacks can penetrate our subconscious and unconscious minds, causing us to have more nightmares. Whether we are the victims or the When we When we receive negative energy, we can feel as if we are living our worst nightmares every night.

Although we might not be consciously aware of the attack, our psyche will recognize such an attack and warn us as we dream that someone might be sending us the evil eye.

In the morning, we may have bizarre nightmares and feel shaken up. We often have dreams when we are under energetic pressure, such as being stalked, attacked, or haunted, or that someone is out to get us.

Bad Luck abounds

If we are psychically attacked, we may feel cursed in some way. The world may seem against us suddenly - our projects may be delayed or we may experience a string of unfortunate events.

It may seem as if we have been cursed in our love and family life or professional career, as if something is blocking positive vibrations and good fortune from coming to us.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, you are likely being attacked by a psychic. When we experience a bout of bad luck, it is a sign of someone attacking us on the psychic level with negative energy.

Whether conscious or subconscious, we can be overcome by spiritual attacks. People who attack our vibration, by sending us negativity and malice, can negatively affect us and make us a magnet for incidents.

In the absence of proper energetic protection, such energy can create a blockage that prevents us from receiving positive energy. 

Other Signs

  • Anxiety persists
  • Paranoid thoughts
  • A sick or dying plant or animal
  • Feeling watched or haunted
  • The brain is foggy and forgetful
  • Innovation and progress are stifled
  • The attacker's thoughts, visions, or intuitive messages
  • A sudden onset of unhealthy obsessions or self-destructive behaviors
  • A greater sensitivity and reactivity to emotions
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts 

The protection against psychic attacks

An attack like this can happen to anyone. Others feel stronger effects, especially empaths and those who are sensitive to energy changes.

No matter how intense we feel, taking the necessary precautions to strengthen our energy field and prevent energetic invasions is always a good idea.

We can, however, block such attacks in the future and make our energy fields more resilient. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself... 

Shield yourself by using your intention - 

Psychic attacks can be avoided by raising your vibration. It's not always necessary to raise our vibration, but sometimes it is enough to set the intention.

In order to accomplish this, we must first feel the negative energy or symptoms of a spiritual attack as they touch our aura, and then make the conscious decision to transmute that energy.

Energy transmutes with intention, resulting in our feeling even more empowered and confident. You can achieve this goal by mindfully meditating on the following mantra: 

‘’May every energy that tries to harm me be transformed into positivity.’’

Every negative psychic influence is also fueled by energy. The intention changes our energy, allowing us to repel anything that threatens to harm us. 


Visualize a protective white orb around you

Self-protection can be achieved through visualization. If you plan to use visualization as a protection method, find a quiet place, get grounded, and calm your mind as much as possible. Imagine how you would feel if you were protected from harm.

Imagine a white-yellow orb surrounding your body and radiating from it. Shields are light and translucent, and they provide a sense of peace and serenity.

All your symptoms would be outside that shield. You can imagine your symptoms touching the orb and slowly dissolving into dust particles. As you breathe, visualize your protection orb pulsating and becoming stronger.

The following visualization practice can be repeated whenever you experience psychic attack symptoms. 

Make sure you and your environment are clean

What if I told you that incense, palo santo, and sage are amazing first aids for banishing negative energies from your space? It is easy for negative energy sent by an attacker to remain trapped in our living space for long periods of time.

As it is associated with the fire element, sage smoke purifies the room and clears away residual energy that disturbs your flow.

Smudge away negative psychic influences by simply lighting your sage and letting it smudge them away. In particular, pay attention to your corners, since that is where the majority of negative energy accumulates.

Negativity is burned off by Sage, which allows positive energy to flow in. As you cleanse the space, finish the purifying ritual with an open window to invite fresh energy in, allowing you to raise your vibration.

Wear Crystals

Healing crystals and healing stones have long been known to possess healing and protective properties, especially those that are known to deflect and counteract negative energy. We are stronger with gemstones as they help us become a better match for blessings, as well as a worse match for malice sent our way.

Psychic attacks can be directly blocked by certain crystals, such as Black Tourmaline, and low vibrations will have less impact on our energies.

Black Tourmaline use the power of the natural crystal to create a form of energetic shield around us, while also eliminating anxiety, fear, and paranoia caused by an energetic attack. Black Tourmaline Bracelets are also incredibly grounding and will help us stay centered and strong, amplifying the power of our natural defense. 

Black Tourmaline not only transmutes the negative energy and shifts it into positive, but it is also a very stabilizing stone and it will help you stay sober when someone starts interfering with the flow of your blessings.

To choose the one that works for you, take a moment to identify the symptoms of psychic invasion you are feeling and then Choose a Crystal based on intuition. Opt for the one that makes you feel loved, safe, and secure, and reach for it any time you feel the need to protect yourself.

Take a Crystal Cleansing Bath

Crystals and water have healing and vibration enhancing properties. 

When combined, they ensure that both the body and the soul are cleansed, removing negative energy from our aura.

Crystal cleansing can be accomplished by immersing one or more crystals in water that do not interact with water, and which can be safely immersed. Using your intuition, pick one and prepare your bath as normal, but add one (or more) crystals to the water. 

While bathing, you can hold the crystals in your hands to absorb their positive energy and visualize all tension, confusion, and internal chaos being drawn out. Alternatively, you can simply immerse yourself in the water and let the crystals wash away the negativity.

Last Thoughts

On a daily basis, different forms of energy are thrown our way. We can easily become afflicted with negative energy when we are the victim of a spiritual attack, unless we take necessary precautions to shield our energy from it.

We become protected and resilient when we master techniques of energetic self-defense, cleansing, and protection so that no negative energy can interrupt our flow.