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All You Need To Know About Gemstones

all you need to know about gemstones

Have you ever seen those bright sparkling stones that easily catch everyone's attention or the ones that appear in tv commercials where they recommend you to buy these to improvise your stars? I always fantasised about those stones and my curiosity led me to know more about them. If you're someone like me wanting to know more about gems, then you're on the right page. Let's surf through it.

What is a gemstone

A gem is a stone that is considered precious or semi-precious, particularly when it is polished or cut. Stones that have come to be defined as “gems” are well known for their unique beauty, color, patterns, or clarity. Gemstones are also typically stones considered fine enough to use in jewelry. Throughout history, different gemstones have been attributed with different powers, charms, or meaning. Many of these associations stemmed from mythologies from Egypt, Ancient Greece & Rome, Asia, and even the Bible.

Navigating through gem classification and its characteristics

Gemstones and semi-precious stones are typically fashioned and prepared using a few distinct methods, and people believe that these unique ways of presenting your crystals imbue the stones with different abilities or beauty.

  • Clusters & Geodes: Some gemstones, particularly types of quartz like citrine or amethyst, will be presented in sparkling clusters. In addition to being beautiful to look at, many believe that gemstone clusters have powerful calming and purifying effects on the room where they are kept.
  • Points or Towers: If you have ever gone into a crystal shop, you are sure to have seen sleek towers of semi-precious gemstones. Those who use crystals for healing believe that this pointed wand shape is excellent for transmitting energy.
  • Slices: Stones that have beautiful marbled cross sections and patterns, like agate, will often be sold in polished slices. This allows the inner beauty of the stone to be displayed to full effect.
  • Raw or Rough: Some prefer to buy their gemstones raw as untouched chunks of stone that come from the earth without being polished or cut. The belief is that when the stones are in their natural state, you will be able to connect to their energy on a deeper level.
  • Polished or Cut: When displaying a gemstone’s clarity and brilliance, they will typically be cut into facets that allow them to refract light and show off depths of color. This is the most popular form for gemstones being used for fine jewelry.

Precious Stone

There are quite a lot of precious stones but here are the most common ones: diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. These four stones are said to be the most expensive and most sought-after gems. They are classified according to their quality, vibrant colors, and uniqueness. But what are the qualities and characteristics that make these stones so valuable?

Diamonds: A diamond is a chunk of coal that does really well under pressure. They have always been sparkling and fascinating. The diamond stone is made up of one single element but is among the most durable stones, thus making it a perfect fit for any ring. A perfect diamond is described by its clarity, colour, cut, and carat weight. Diamonds, in addition to their materialistic qualities, have positive healing properties.

Ruby: One of the most valuable gemstones on Earth, the ruby, originated from the Latin word "ruber". It is a gem which outshines all other gems in terms of quality, colour, and purity. Being associated with the sun, the ruby symbolises victory, compassion, and power. It is one of the most valuable-colored stones on the market due to its bright red color.

Sapphire: Also referred to as the "gem of the sky", the name sapphire is derived from the ancient Greek meaning "stone of blue colour". Sapphires are an excellent choice of Jewelry because of their durability. They are also the most valued stones in the Jewelry community. The gem is associated with various powers depending on its colour. For example, the light blue sapphire is considered the symbol of sweetness. The evenly blue sapphire is connected with spirituality. This stone is the most prominent on the throne.

Emerald: One of the rarest of all gemstones, emeralds are one of the most prized and expensive gems. People may think of diamonds as the rare stone, but it's emeralds that actually come with many desirable features. Since ancient history, emerald stones have been adored, making them a meaningful stone as well as a lovely piece of Jewelry.

Semi-precious stones:

The term "semi-precious stone" doesn’t necessarily mean that they are less attractive than precious stones. Some of the semi-precious stones are more valuable and rare than the precious stones. Some of the most appealing gemstones in this category are amber, amethyst, and bloodstone. Now that you have learnt about precious as well as semi-precious stones, don’t get caught up between these two and differentiate. Buy the one that will add value to your Jewelry collection and add a spark to your beauty.

Guide to gemstones and their healing benefits: A gemstone is not only used for ornamental purposes, but is said to possess many healing properties as well. Let’s have a glance at some popular gemstones and their benefits.                                                    

Agate: This stone stands for love and courage. Over all, agates are gentle, nourishing and come with their own specific healing powers. It is known to heal stress and bring good fortune.                         

Amazonite: Stone of light, amazonite is associated with compassion. It helps in improvising anxiety and increases self-esteem.                                             

Aventurine:  Known as the ‘Stone of Opportunity’, this green stone is said to bring good luck and new opportunities. Aventurine is said to benefit one in all areas of creativity and imagination.                                                                                     

Amethyst: A powerhouse stone, Amethyst is said to be an emotional healer and protects from negative energy. This lovely gemstone is associated with crystal healing. It awakens consciousness and deepens spiritual awareness.                                 

Bloodstone: This gem is said to be one of the best suited jewelry for solo pieces. It suits every style. Bloodstone assists us in facing the hard challenges with courage and nobility.                                                                                                        

Clear Quartz: Quartz is the master healer and used for any condition. It brings strength and provides aid in retaining memory and dispels negative and unwanted thoughts.                                                                 

Fluorite: Said to be the protector, fluorite acts as a shield against negativity and helps stabilize the aura. Talking about physical properties, fluorite helps in boosting the immune system and stimulates regeneration. If you are confused or worried, fluorite will put your mental stress away and help channelize energy in the right direction.   


Turquoise:  Curious about turquoise’s benefits? Let’s know. It is popular for both Jewelry as well as known for its healing benefits. Turquoise activates and balances the throat chakra. It absorbs negativity, brings good luck and will protect you.                                

Unakite: A gem of calmness and gentleness, Unakite is a pink and green form of Jasper. It is said to be a stone of vision and in opening the third eye. Unakite also helps in bringing consciousness and spirituality together.

Now that you have all the relevant and required information about gemstones, go and explore the finest gemstone ranges and buy the best for yourself and your loved ones only on

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