Our Story

Welcome to SokoGems !

Since the dawn of time, coloured gemstones, the miracles of nature, have never failed to mesmerize people be it for their spiritual properties, mysterious aura or rare existence. Jewellery created with coloured gemstones never goes out of fashion. After all mother earth provides us with unique gemstones

Our products are designed and made by us; we work with only natural stones and pearls. Africa is enriched with minerals hence we mine, cut and polish and finally set them in gold and silver

Given that we take the vast majority of our stones from source to sale, we can guarantee the information about their origin, quality and value is true. This unique quality distinguishes us from many other gemstone businesses and is important to our clients. For those solemn about investing, it is essential to have trusted suppliers.

The company’s achievement is due to its authentic passion for beautiful gemstones and the perfect craftsmanship involved in finishing them. We go beyond Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat!